Sámi University College 


Sámi University College was established in 1989, with the purpose to strengthen Sámi competence and cover the need of the Sámi societies. Sámi University has a pan-Sámi profile, and we have students and staff from all around the Sámi region. Sámi University College currently has approximately 150-200 students and approxi-mately 100 employees. As the only college in the world, we use the north Sámi lan-guage in both research studies and management. We are a small institution that has an international environment. We educate Sámi ambassadors, offers indigenous studies, and study tours to other indigenous areas. Sámi University College is also in the Arctic universities cooperation UArctic and is also accredited at the highest level in the network for Indigenous higher education World Indigenous Higher Education Consortium.

Diehtosiida - Home of knowledge


Sámi University College is currently located in Diehtosiida - Sámi science center. It brings to-gether the functions of the Sámi Parliament's language and training division, Sámi Archives, Inter-national Center for Reindeer Husbandry and Competence Center for Indigenous Rights Gáldu. Diehtosiida is an international knowledge center for the Sámi and indigenous peoples, that gathers Sámi science and Sámi language tasks to a bigger scientific environment. Diehtosiida is a modern information and communication center, where traditional knowledge and science meet.

Guovdageaidnu - In the Middle of Sápmi


Sámi University College is situated in Kautokeino / Guovdageaidnu. The name of the village, Guovdageaidnu, means "in the middle of the road" and has from ancient times been an important meet-ing point for Sámi people, as the name suggest– In the center of Sápmi. Guovdageaidnu has a rich and diverse cultural life such as appears in the many fes-tivals and events.Sami language, duodji, traditional industries and nature is something that characterizes Kautokeino.