Student housing Kautokeino

The student welfare organisation has 18 fully furnished rooms (14,5 m2), and 24 small flats (40 m2, 60, 86 and 97 m2). Housing at SSO is reserved for students at the Sámi University of Applied Sciences.

Gáhkkorjeaggi (14,5 m2)

Rent, student price (per month) NOK 2550,-

Rent, other guests (per month) NOK 3250,-

Hánnoluohkká (40 m2)

Rent, student price (per month) NOK 3200-

Rent other guests (per month) NOK 4350

+ Electricity/heating

Hánnoluohkká (60 m2)

Rent, student price (per month) NOK 3700,-

Rent, other guests (per month)   NOK 4800,-

+ Electricity/heating


All prices above are 2018 prices.

There are no kitchen utensils in the rooms/flats, but you may borrow kitchen utensils from SSO on request (limited amount)


Applying for housing


In order to apply for residence, you must complete the application form (see link below). When submitting your application you must remember to enclose confirmation that you are a student at the Sámi University of Applied Sciences, or confirmation that you have entered a course. This means that you must be accepted to a course or programme before you can apply!

Download the application form. It can also be submitted by post or e-mail


Postal address:

Sis-Finnmárkku studeanttaid ovttastus

Hánnoluohkka 45

9520 Kautokeino