Open for application from 6 February 2019.
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  • Please remember that we cannot process your application without all the necessary documentation. Have all necessary appendices ready before applying!

  • If you need help submitting you application please contact or by telephone (+47) 78448400


  • Once the student is accepted to the programme, there are no additional entry requirements for individual courses.

Admission requirements

The entry requirements to the programme are in accordance with the Norwegian Forskrift om krav til mastergrad (FOR 2005-12-01 nr 1392), paragraph 5 (§ 5. Krav til erfaringsbasert mastergrad av 90 eller 120 studiepoengs omfang). [2]

In accordance with the provisions of this paragraph, applicants should have completed one of the following:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Social Sciences or Humanities; or 

  • A so-called cand.mag-degree; or

  • Other degree or vocational training of a minimum of 3 years; or

  • A degree that according to § 3-4 in the Norwegian Act on Universities and University Colleges (Lov om universitet og høyskoler) is considered to be equal to the above mentioned degrees or forms of education.


In addition, applicants should have a minimum of two years of relevant practical experience.

If necessary, due to the uniqueness of the programme and to the scarcity of university programmes offered within many indigenous areas, the Sámi University of Applied Sciences will evaluate whether documented qualifications other than those mentioned above could partially or fully be considered equal to the ones mentioned. Experience of working within indigenous or minority ethnic media is considered a merit.

When you fill out the application form, remember to attach all necessary documents. You will need to demonstrate your previous education and work experience with separate appendices. 

Language skills 

Applicants need to demonstrate sufficient language skills:

Sámi students need to demonstrate good language skills in Sámi or English while Norwegian and foreign students need to demonstrate their knowledge of English.

  • Sámi students need to demonstrate language skills in Sámi and English or good knowledge of English if they don't have sufficient knowledge of Sámi language.

  • Norwegian and Foreign students need to demonstrate their good knowledge of English.

Students will have to prove their language skills in Sámi or English either on the basis of their earlier education, or by passing a language test: a Sámi language test as organized by the Sámi University of Applied Sciences, or an internationally recognized English-language test.

The programme has two main languages, North Sámi and English. A working knowledge of English is required of all participants, thus enabling a common language for all students. English will also be the most common language for the literature used. However, literature in other languages can also be used where possible and appropriate, especially in cases where literature in Sámi language is available.

When you fill out the application form, remember to attach all necessary documents. You will need to demonstrate your skills in English, either by previous study or by documentation of relevant language test. You will also be asked to include a motivation letter (one page of A4), where you explain why you want to study at the programme. 


The number of accepted students per programme will be 15. Out of these, five students are expected to be international students coming from outside of Sámiland. The Programme is planned for a three-year cycle, where a new cohort of students are accepted every three years.